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When Life Gets Heavy, I Get Highlights

The morning at Dalton was nothing short of wonderful, but I wouldn't say it was easy.  Why is it that the hardest and heaviest things we do in life are also the most memorable and rewarding? So, what did I do after this meaningful celebration of Dad's legacy?  After hearing a wonderful panel of environmentalists speak about sustainability?  No, I didn't rush home and switch out my energy-inefficient bulbs.  I went to lunch with Mom and then shoe shopping.  And then I went to Oscar Blandi to go a little more blonde-y.

Now Dad would never approve of this.  Not on Earth Day. Not on any day.  I hear his voice now: Maidy-Bunks Picnic (you've gotta love nicknames), don't mess with Mama Nature.

But even with his crackly voice echoing in my head, I marched right down Madison and right up those steps and right toward that swiveling chair and I let the genius man (Kyle White) work his magic, twisting my hair into tiny tin foils.  And a little while later, I walked out, my hair and my mind a bit lighter.  And as I hailed a taxi cab to take me home to my waiting baby girls and inefficient light bulbs, I was still thinking of Dad.  And it occurred to me that wherever he is fly-fishing these days, he is looking down (or up, or sideways) at me, Daughter #3, with his blue eyes and philosophical fire and silly faux tresses, enjoying one of those big bold belly laughs I miss deeply.

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