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Baby Steps

week 4In case any of you lost sleep over last week's Happy Headache hiccups, everything is going to be okay.  We have procured proper tax designation and our insurance coverage has been reinstated. Phew. Last night, Husband and I made our weekly visit to the site and managed to not set off the temporary alarm system that was installed this week.  The place looks good; an empty shell, a tabula rasa, a box of brick and plywood.  But to my amateur eye, it did not look like much had changed since last week.  Sure, the floors are marked where walls will be and it's nice to know that we will in fact have rooms one day.  Rumor has it that they are about to start "framing walls." I don't know what exactly that means, but it sounds profoundly important. Anyway, we're inching our way there.

And, on the second attempt, I actually picked plumbing fixtures. This is the faucet the girls will use to wash their grubby little hands.  Not bad, huh?  Baby steps...


Breakfast with the Queen