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I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Everyone is telling me that I shouldn't blog on weekends.  That everyone who is healthy and happy and has a modicum of control over his/her schedule should deem weekends sacred personal/family/non-work time. And, frankly, I'm beginning to see the merits of the argument... But, alas, here I am on what should be a sacred Sunday night, feeling a bit compelled to leave you with just a little something... Feeling a tad lazy and a tad uninspired and a tad curious about the angst of others, I conducted one of my uber-scientific anonymous online polls over at YouBeMom.  This week, I decided to prod the powers and perils of anonymity; to see what people will confess on an online message board, but not in real life. Below you will see the colorful array of responses I received in very short order.  I have inserted some translations for the those who are not tapped into the lingo. What is the one thing you will admit here (anonymously), but not in real life?

* affairs * it's weird. i have been coming here for almost 5 years and i am here all the time, but there are still things i won't admit here. or irl (In real life). * affair * suicidal thoughts * my weight * that my ds (dear son) is on the spectrum. IRL (in real life), we don't share that information. * how much i hate my mil (mother-in-law) * that i've been on anti-depressants for the last year * that i was sexually abused * how worried i am about db (dear baby) and her stupid "milestones" * that i fight a lot with dh (dear husband) * the true extent of my hairiness * my dds (dear daughter's) IQ * i think fat people are lazy

Okay, so there you have it.  The upshot?  We all have stuff. Stuff that we aren't willing to share IRL (in real life).  Stuff that brings us online to chat with complete strangers on the odd Sunday night.

Insecurities abound.  On Sundays.  On all days.

What Happens on Wednesdays...