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On Wednesdays, I am homeschooled by my girls. And they are great teachers. They work well in tandem. Their lessons are clear and well-articulated, punctuated by drool and laughter, tears and tantrums. By the end of every Wednesday, I look around my apartment. At the rainbow layer of toys and discarded snacks and half-finished art projects, and nod and think: Some major education took place here today. I survived this day and I am smarter for it.Here are ten things I learned just yesterday:

1. The toilet makes a mean bongo drum. 2. Pretzels can cure a skinned knee. 3. A standard baby wipe will remove crayon scribble from the interior of a plastic potty. 4. Baby feet are particularly useful for knocking over stacked cans of tuna at the grocery store. 5. Cardboard is a food group. 6. A chaotic playdate might just trigger labor (Calm down. Not mine.) 7. Jellybeans (pink and yellow) are pivotal to parenthood. 8. Diaper cream is actually meant for the face. 9. "Give each cat one treat" apparently means Give each cat eight treats and then dump the rest of the bag on the floor and run away. 10. I absolutely cherish my Wednesdays with the girls. (And the towering healthy modest glass of white I pour once they are in bed.)

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