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Mr. Money Bunny

Toddler spent the better part of the morning putting coins into her "money bunny," a beautiful porcelain piggy bank she received as a baby gift two-plus years ago. And when Baby woke up from her morning nap, the four of us embarked on an somewhat adventurous trip to the East Side and back (adventurous because it involved steering our double stroller through the boisterous Puerto Rican Day Parade) to visit our friends and their adorable newborn (Hi, Baby E!). After a much-deserved ice cream stop on the way home, we returned to our place and Toddler diligently resumed Project Coin Drop and got creative and put some of her coins into the soggy half-eaten and very patriotic wafer cone to the right of Mr. Money Bunny. And as I write this it occurs to me that said American flag-sleeved cone is a shred ironic because we spent a good percentage of the day ducking and dodging Puerto Rican flags on Fifth.

Now Toddler took great delight in her simple Sunday activity, in slipping coin after coin into the little slot and hearing it clank at the bottom. And I watched her sweet smile come and go and found myself longing for those childhood days when coins were toys and vocabulary was in high bloom and yet still missing certain words like: mortgage, tuition, market, salary, save, spend, economy, tax, recession. Remember those innocent days? I don't really, but I bet they were great.

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