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Toddler started summer camp at her future preschool this week. So far so good. Sending her to this camp makes me feel like a very good parent. Why? Because camp takes place in the very room where Toddler will attend school in the fall. Same cubbies. Same little tables and chairs. Same puzzles. Same teachers. So she will have zero problem separating come September, right? Right?

Things Toddler loves:

1. The marvelously messy sandbox; 2. Snack-time; 3. Her boyfriend

Yes, her boyfriend. We are exactly 2.5 hours into this camp experience and she's found herself a little suitor. He's very cute. They hold hands. And whisper to one another when they're supposed to be quiet. They stand and dance together when they're supposed to be sitting and listening to hushed and civilized songs. And of course they sit together during snack-time.

Uh oh. Let the games begin.

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