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Daily Charms 08.12.09

darwin charmsIs 35 middle-aged? I don't think so. I hope not. Maybe so. {A Design So Vast: Midlife} One study shows attractive women have 16% more children than their plainer counterparts. {TimesOnline (UK): Women are getting more beautiful}

Chubby cheek interiors. Asymmetrical armpit hair. Comical confessions galore. {The Extraordinary Ordinary: The Insides of My Cheeks Are Really Fat (and Other Mysteries)}

Tiny tanks to promote abstinence? Obviously. {Slate's The XX Factor: Abstinence Is... Sexy?}

Is the nest ever truly empty? Should it be? Once a parent, always a parent? {Motherlode: When Is a Parent's Job Complete?}

Fascinating facts about fat. {Dr. Nicholas Perricone, HuffingtonPost.com: 10 Dirty Little Secrets About Body Fat}

"...William Faulkner and Scott Fitzgerald were the Paris and Britney of their day." {The Economist's MoreIntelligentLife.com; When Novelists Sober Up}


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