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Introducing ILI Charm School

cropped charms Growing up, I was a major tomboy. In fifth grade, I wore a Boston Celtics cap to school every day. And I wore a full Larry Bird jersey (including those nifty striped knee socks) every day the Celts had a home game. As you might guess, this made me extremely popular among: (1) boys; (2) Knicks' fans; and especially among (3) boys who were Knicks' fans.

The point here is not that I was once upon a time an exceedingly popular tomboy who had a rabid obsession with Larry. The point (obviously) is that I was not a big jewelry person. But my friends were. Many of them had charm bracelets. Usually from Tiffany's. And even in all my kelly green ungirly glory, I thought those bracelets were cool. Because each bracelet was a set of links which united a medley of unique items. Little high heels. Little hearts. Little keys. Little everything.

So, today, I am opening the digital doors of my ILI Charm School, (hopefully, in an ideal world) a daily collection of links, gems, charms. Things I find interesting or funny or well-written. Why? Because on a daily basis, I read a lot of wonderful bits and pieces and (as much as I would like to) I cannot write long, luscious essays about each bit and piece. Because I love the idea of collaboration, of linking up with others out there in the big, bad bloggy wilderness. Because maybe you are at work or at home or at Starbucks, and you are bored or in the mood to learn something silly or serious or somewhere in-between. And, yes, I am your beloved Professor of Insecurities, but all alone, I can only teach you so much.

Enjoy your first day of ILI Charm School! And, going forward, if you want to suggest I add a certain cyber-charm to my bloggy bracelet du jour, please contact me!


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