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A Dozen Details

Closeup of red orchids The wedding, like this weekend's weather, was wonderful. I know. Enough with the alliteration.

After our lovely eight hour trek home, I am a wee bit tired, but I will leave you with a dozen details.

  1. The bride was a vision in lace.
  2. Wedding guests showered the newly married couple with Hawaiian orchid petals in front of the church.
  3. We chugged Red Bull on the way to the reception because we were already tired.
  4. I changed out of my killer black patent stilettos on the way to the reception because my feet were already tired.
  5. We savored sunset cocktails and crab cakes overlooking the ocean.
  6. The tent was glorious and resembled the Denver Airport.
  7. The bride and groom entered to Black Eyed Peas' "I've Gotta Feeling." Amazing.
  8. The gorgeous matron of honor crooned a gorgeous rendition of "At Last" as the newlyweds danced their first dance.
  9. A certain studly seersucker-clad six-year-old dominated the dance floor.
  10. There were many young, fun guys drinking from bright blue bottles of Bud Light.
  11. Said young, fun guys did double dutch and started the limbo with someone's belt. We did not jump that invisible rope or shimmy under that belt because we were lame. And tired.
  12. There was a wild after party that we did not attend because we were too tired. But it sounded like fun.

Recap: Bride was beautiful. Wedding was a wonder. I'm addicted to alliteration. I'm tired. You don't care. Night night.

Honeymoon Hangover