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almost Wow. This was almost the first day without a post. Every single day since April 10 of this year, I have published a blog post. I say this: (1) to brag; (2) to remind you of just how crazy I am.

And I almost didn't post today. Not because I had some earth-shattering epiphany about taking a break or keeping weekends to myself. No. Because I had such a good day. An amazing day. In contrast to yesterday which was a bit emotionally layered, today was pure and nothing but sweet. I almost forgot to blog.

That for me is amazing.

But I didn't forget. Here I am. Dare I say, happy. No, not purely happy in a paridigmatic Platonic way, but happy in a this-was-a-glittering-gem-of-a-day way. I know. You are probably like: What happened to our endearingly insecure professor. Where did she go?

I assure you it's me. Don't worry. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'll be back to my sulking.

Today there was a philosophical fire in my own living room. It was so hot, it was white. All I can say is that this woman is gold and she sat in that big, winged arm chair in my living room where the toys are usually piled high, speaking in simple sentences about her life, and how she got from There to Here, and scattering inspirations over a diverse group of eager apprentices. Women (and one great man) who are following different and obscure and fascinating career paths. Women (and one great man) whom I look forward to getting to know more down the line. This woman made everything seem soothingly simple. I love her for this. And then I had the pure joy of sharing guacamole with her at a neighborhood haunt.

And, on top of that, I met this chick. She and I have struck up a friendship online. A deepish one. Hey, I even wrote her a public birthday card. And each of us has been wary about calling the other a true friend because our encounter has been of the virtual breed. But today I met her. In person. We sat on opposite sides of the room, rookies with rough and regal ideas incubating, many books inside us waiting to be born, nodding our heads. And then, after the two of us shared the aforementioned glorious guac with Lady Danielle, we had a drink at one of my favorite spots. An old school face-to-face encounter. And we realized what we've known implicitly all along: we are good friends.

And now. Now, I sit here. Waiting for Husband to return from his well-deserved run. Husband who graciously spent a straight nine hours with our baby girls so I could have my day. He is a good man. Better than a good man. And he is my man. And apres run and shower, we will go on a date in the neighborhood.

For those of you who were worried that I was a bit rough around the edges yesterday, thank you for your concern and understanding.

But today is new day. A different day. A divine one.

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