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honest and scrappyLast week, something very exciting happened. Fellow blogger Danielle-Lee of A Little Left of Lost gave me a blog award. The Honest Scrap Award. Per my research, this award is given for "honesty and sincerity in blogging" and here at ILI I strive every day to be honest and sincere (and scrappy) and this isn't always easy because I am quite skilled in the arts of being dishonest and insincere and unscrappy, so, frankly, I'm quite proud. Beyond my surging pride and swelling ego, however, I am simply energized and humbled and touched and stoked and all of the other words I could spout to make this sentence even longer. Danielle-Lee is a wonderful woman. Her blog is a tapestry of wisdom and wit and she picked me! Thank you! Per the "rules," I am now supposed to share ten honest things about myself (some of which you might already know) and then I am supposed to tap seven other bloggers whom I think display honesty and sincerity (and scrappiness) in their online words. So, here goes:

  1. I never read a blog before I started my blog.
  2. I'm scared of thunder and lightning.
  3. I used to lock Sister C in the bathroom and make her sing songs to her crushes.
  4. In middle school, during orchestra practice, I stuffed a ball of ice in the bell of a mean boy's saxophone. When he played it, the ice flew out and hit the conductor.
  5. I met Husband in a bar called Prohibition.
  6. I secretly (okay not-so-secretly) dream of being on Oprah.
  7. When I get sad, I picture a tiny Barack Obama in a Baby Bjorn and begin to laugh. (Try this with anyone whom you deeply respect!)
  8. My godfather is George W.'s first cousin.
  9. I have tons of family in Kansas.
  10. At one point, I owned well over a hundred pairs of jeans.

Okay, now for my seven nominees for the Honest Scrap Award. I am going to continue with the trend of tapping folks who are either rookies like I am, or whose blogs are more boutiques than big businesses. Each blog has a unique flavor, style, and substance. But each writer is talented and, yes, brimming with honesty and sincerity.

(1) Lindsey of A Design So Vast

(2) Yelena of Did I Really Move to Greenwich?

(3) Allison of life: unqualified

(4) Sarah & Jen of Momalom

(5) Anne & Elizabeth of Life in Pencil

(6) Kat of Unfettered Youth

(7) Kari of Persistent Cookie.


Danielle-Lee - Thanks again for this amazing award and the opportunity to pass it along to the aforementioned scrappy souls!

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