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Permanent Girl

candy corns This won't be very long because I know that 96% of you are stuck in a traffic jam somewhere on the continent and I don't want to waste my philosophic might and words on the rest of you. Sorry, Rest of You. Don't take it personally. Plus, you can only say so much about candy corn. Candy corn? Yes, you heard me.

The car ride to Cape Cod last night was smooth. And by smooth, I mean we were stuck in traffic for only one hour and forty-two minutes, only one girl vomited (twice), we only saw one car on fire on the highway, and the infestation of poop-loving flies in the gas station restroom was only minor. So, smooth. We arrived at the sprightly hour of 1:34ish. That's a.m., Rest of You.

The point is we are here. And, this morning, we made a lovely trip to the local grocery where Toddler convinced Husband to buy her a SpongeBob balloon (which was round). We picked up necessities like pretzels and Dr. Diet Pepper and mac & cheese. And (drumroll please) candy corn. My absolute favorite candy in the world. Wait, I lied. My favorite are the candy pumpkins. But this store didn't have them. Maybe I will phone in a complaint. Anyway, everything else piled up in our cart, but I clutched that vast bag of corn tightly in my grubby little hands. I wasn't going to take any chances.

On the way back to the house in the car, I made a small tear in the top of the bag and finagled one or two twelve corn. Just a mini snack before lunch. And each little sugary corn made my smile grow bigger. Each little sugary corn made the memories come like waves - of Halloweens as a kid, of going door to door and filling a plastic pumpkin. Of Octobers at Yale lugging books through Cross Campus. Of visiting LJMB in Nashville a couple years ago and giggling like girls while catching up about life and love while eating bags and bags of corn. We were sick to our stomachs and oh-so-happy.

I just woke up from a nap. A nap? Yes. Heaven. Haven't taken a nap since Baby was a wee one. But I did it. I napped. And I woke up and the first thing I saw was a flash of orange on my nightstand. The bag of corn! So I sat up in bed and ate a few nineteen more. And while chewing, I realized something. This is why I am a girl. This is why I never refer to myself as a woman or a lady. (Wait, does anyone refer to themselves as a lady? Hope not.) Women do not things like giddily gorge on candy corn. Girls do things like that.

Oh well. That settles it, Rest of You. I'm a Permanent Girl. Back to my delicious corn daughters.

(And if you are in fact in traffic, I'm very sorry. You should have left last night. It would have been better. And then you would be where you're going already eating candy corn and reading my blog. I'm just saying, it would have been better.)

Don't you love candy corn? What's your absolute favorite candy? Are you a Permanent Girl/Forever Boy?

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