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felt question If you know me at all, you know that I am not a big fan of the exclamation point. Question marks? I adore them. I would wallpaper an entire powder room in question marks given the opportunity (Hmmm). Sure, I use them from time to time, but usually sarcaustically (intentional misspelling - trying to remind myself that sarcasm is caustic). But in this title I have used an exclamation point very intentionally. To emphasize something. Something very important.

I need your help!

Okay, so here is the secret. Husband has been mocking me for days now for calling this thing a secret, for making it all melodramatic and mysterious. And, no, Internet, I am not pregnant. That would indeed be a big secret. The secret is that I am changing the title of my book. Or, 99% sure that I am changing it. Apparently, you never know with these things.

Here is the story. I received a call last week from my lovely editor that the publisher is not so thrilled with the title BLACKBERRY GIRL for a number of reasons (having to do with a mismatch between content and title, cover art, etc). After considerable back and forth, it became clear that I was supposed to whip up some new title possibilities. While this initially threw me for a major loop, I have become excited at the prospect of renaming my baby book.

So... this is where you come in. I would like your opinion. No, I would love it. I crave it like I crave candy pumpkins in October - a lot. Now, please know that the ultimate title decision is not totally mine. There are many players involved in this process who have various levels of expertise that I don't, but I do have a say, a big one, and I want to get this right. So this is when I present you with five possible new titles and you vote. If you are new to this site and/or unacquainted with the broad strokes of the novel which I now must name, click here. And then tell me. What do you think?

  1. The Beauty of Doubt
  2. So Are You
  3. Finding Prudence
  4. You're Not Him
  5. Insecurely Yours

I assure you that I have obsessed over this question for several days now. After harassing my poor family about this, I am now harassing you about this. Please know that each of the above titles is not arbitrary, but has meaning within the book - whether via a thematic reference, or an allusion to certain lyrics (Beatles! Yay!) Please let me know if a certain title jumps out at you or if any of these titles would make you want to buy the book. If you absolutely hate any of these, I guess you should tell me that too. But please know that the good folks at HarperCollins are mulling this over too, these very titles (and a few others), and at this point, I have no clue what the future holds. Which is kind of terrifying. But also very exciting.

A recap: I am not pregnant. I am a drama queen. My novel needs a name. I need you and your infinite wisdom. Now.

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