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life after yes At long last, my book has a title! Some of you might remember that dramatized secret I kept for all of three days before revealing that, at the behest of my publisher, I was looking for a new title for my novel. I announced five possible titles and then ducked for cover. Many of you provided your comments, thoughtful and honest, and it became clear - and quickly - that there was no real consensus. Well, it turns out that blog polls might be a good proxy for what goes on in-house at major publishing houses because I was told a day or so after that dramatic Help Me! post that no one at Harper was in love with any of the titles.

So. Back to square one. Back to Starbucks. I whined and moped about this for about five minutes, just long enough for me to sprinkle some Splenda in my Pike Place and grab a table. But then I got over it. Searching high and low for a new title gave me an excuse to kick back and read through my entire manuscript again, combing it for title possibilities. I hadn't read my story in its entirety in a while and it got me even more excited that this is all happening. I can't wait for you to read it!

Anyway, I came up with, oh, seventy or so new possibilities and fired them off to my delightful editor. Together, we pared it down to about five. And then to two. And then I got the opportunity to wait some more while the fate of my beloved book lingered in the hands of capable others. And then yesterday, I got the word.

HarperCollins picked my very favorite title! I couldn't believe it and yet I could. This title fits the book. It is simple and very me and intriguing enough, but indicates what the book is actually about. I think this title is unique and memorable and layered with meaning. I am nothing short of thrilled.

Okay, enough buildup, right? I know you haven't been losing sleep over this (I have - I literally have been dreaming of covers and titles for two weeks now), but after all of this melodramatic nonsense on my part, it is time to bring you up to speed.

My book, formerly entitled BLACKBERRY GIRL, will now be titled...


There you have it. The title of my very first novel, final and fixed. It's official; my baby is no longer nameless. And all the confusion and back and forth and waiting? It was well worth it.

Let me know what you think. And if you feel like telling everyone you know about LIFE AFTER YES, I would not object. My book hits stores May 18th, but in the meantime, stay tuned for cover art possibilities. This is happening. And fast!

Thank you all for reading my words, indulging me in my oft-dramatic anxiety over the minutiae of life and the writing process. Thank you for your comments and insights and input. And thanks in advance for holding my virtual hand on this humbling and exciting road toward publication and for spreading the word about LIFE AFTER YES!

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