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Second Chances

second chances My older sister is in town with her family. In a little while, we will all congregate at Mom's. The kids will do kid things like watch Diego and chase each other around that big wooden dining table I ate at as a girl. They will scamper and squeal. We adults will do adult things like talk and debate and worry about the week to come.

My older sister is in town because she went to a medical school classmate's wedding yesterday. My sister's friend is divorced and this was her second wedding. Earlier today, I asked my sister about the wedding. My sister said that the bride wore the big, white dress, that there were at least a hundred guests, that the bride's son was in the wedding, and that the newlyweds are great together.

I don't know my sister's friend, but I am happy for her. I am happy she got that second chance - and took it. I am happy she planned a sizable soiree and wore a big dress. I am happy she didn't feel compelled to keep it small and understated and apologetic.

In this big bad world, I am happy that second chances - at love, happiness, career, you name it - exist. Because as we stumble along, sometimes we choose wrong.


Do you believe in second chances? Do you have a good second chance story? Are you currently seeking a second chance at something? (Hint: we all are.)

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