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anniversary gift Six years ago today, Husband asked me a question that changed everything. He asked me to marry him.

It was a Saturday night. We were home in our apartment. Husband was gearing up for business school midterms and said he needed to study. I had just started at the law firm and after a long week of work, I wanted to go out for dinner. Ever the positive influence, I begged Husband to take a study break and go for a quick dinner in the neighborhood. He fought me a bit, but ultimately caved. I disappeared into our bedroom to whip up a fun dinner outfit. When I reappeared, Husband was sitting at the little mosaic table in our kitchen. His brown suede boots, a Christmas present from me that year, were on the floor next to him. I approached him, rattling off restaurant possibilities. And he handed me something.

It was a small photo album. I flipped through, utterly clueless. Each page had two versions of a photo of us. One color. One black and white. I reached the end of the album and there was a picture of something else. A ring. A ring!

I looked up from those pages at him. He smiled, reached inside one of his boots, and pulled out a box. To be honest, the rest is a bit of a teary blurry mess, but he got down on one knee, he said my whole name, he presented me with a stunning ring which he had picked all by himself, and he asked me that one simple question that changed everything. And I said what I'd been waiting to say to my guy.

I said yes.

The first call I made was home. To my parents. I remembered quickly that Mom was out of town, on a train actually, but Dad was there, deeply engrossed in a Cubs playoffs game. I announced our good news and Dad said we should come over and celebrate. And so we did. Husband and I spent our first couple hours as an engaged couple flanking my Dad on my parents' couch, sipping good champagne, and cheering on the Cubbies. Finally, we did move on to dinner. Finally, we did get a hold of all of our scattered family members to pass along our good news.

I write this now in the very spot where Husband asked me to be his. I love this. I love that he kept the proposal simple and sweet. One wedding and two kids and six years later, I look back at that evening and I smile. I smile at how surprised I was. Because I was very much surprised. I smile at the fact that I fell in love with the ring as quickly as I once fell in love with my guy. I smile at the fact that we celebrated this monumental occasion by watching baseball. I smile because that night in many ways reflects the life we have carved for ourselves in its aftermath, a life full of home and profound affection and family.

We had a picnic in the park today with the girls. For a few stolen moments, Husband and I were alone on the grass under a brazen autumn sun. A few yards away, our girls, our gems, frolicked with focus, collecting acorns and sticks. I threw my arms around Husband and said, "I said yes to your question six years ago and look at us now. Any regrets?"

He said no.

Me neither, Husband. Me neither.


If you are married, tell me your engagement story. Was it a surprise? If you are not married and hope to be, what would be your dream proposal?

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