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write on Once upon a time, not long ago, I met a wonderful writer in this virtual wilderness. Debra L. Schubert. It was late morning. I was plugged in at a Starbucks near Toddler's Preschool. I can't remember too many details. They are gloriously fuzzy. But somehow Debra and I started chatting. On Twitter. And then over email. We talked about blogging and writing and publishing. This was the beginning of a fabulous and furious back and forth. After a little while, Debra asked me to do an interview on her blog. Of course! I said. Of course!

Alas, today is the day! Please check out my interview at Debra's delightful blog Write On Target where I talk about choosing life over law, finding an agent, and, yes, those itty-bitty insecurities I mention from time to time on this blog. Enjoy!

And check back here later today for my birthday letter to Mom. (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

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