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AP 1 Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I am in South Carolina. With family. At the home my late grandparents built almost fifty years ago. I am still in my pajamas. Gripping a cup of coffee. Recovering from a delicious and decadent breakfast. Vacation fare. The girls are happy. They are running around with their cousins, exploring new territory, testing new limits. Husband and I are happy. To be away. To be ensconced in nature. Trees. Marshlands. So many birds. Husband and I are tired. Vacation with kids is not vacation.

AP 2

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I am somewhere else. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood. Somewhere between the past and the future. The present. Exactly where I should be.

AP 3

Away from the city, the grind I relish, my mind slackens. My stress lightens. But it is here. Always here. Away from the city, in another home, a home stuffed with memories and family pictures, I'm aware of the void. The people who aren't here, but should be. And this creeping awareness? It's a good thing. But also a hard thing.

AP 4

Home and away. Here and there. Past and present and future. These things aren't as discrete as I once thought. Home follows me to away. At home, I sometimes feel gone. The past is suddenly obscured by the high gloss of the present. I look to the future and that future is threaded with now and long ago. Everything blends, doesn't it?

AP 5

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Where are you? Are you home preparing for an onslaught of visitors? Are you at the airport about to hop a flight? Are you away?

AP 6

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Where are you right now? Are you excited to see family? Or are you dreading it? Is this holiday a good one for you or does it bring with it tinges of melancholy?

AP 7

Where are you today? Where are you today?

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