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I Was Hacked

I Was Hacked If you tried to come by this neck of the bloggy woods yesterday before noon, your screen looked like the one above. White. Empty. Sad. Oh, but if you squinted and looked up top there was a lonely line of text, a clue. Buried in there was a single word. An ugly one. Hacked.

Yup, that's right. Someone hacked me. Rather, they hacked this site. But you know what? It felt like they hacked me. My delightful web designer is in the process of helping me switch servers and this right here is a test post. To make sure we are up and running again. She did a little investigative work and it seems that someone purposefully broke into my digital home (and several others who were on the same cluster. I do not pretend to understand what a cluster is.) So, this has been dubbed a malicious attack.

A malicious attack.

Why would someone do this? To appear cool? To demonstrate digital prowess?

Maybe I am naive. It's likely that I am. But for the life of me, I don't get it. I don't get why some braniac teenager out there would stay up all night trying to mess with code and emotions. I don't get it.


But we are back. Or, at least I think so. This post will confirm whether we are fully operative once more. And I am not a fan of profanity, so I won't go there. Not even when I am this rattled and angry. But to the soulless creature out there who messed with me and my insecurities and my blog...

Hack you.

Okay, I feel a bit better now. Apologies for yesterday's ominous white screen, but it will be more words and color from here on out. Check back later today for another post. For now, feel free to feel bad for me.


Have you ever been the victim of an attack, actual or virtual? Why do you think people take pleasure in causing harm to others?

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