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Thank You

Thank you We all know that I am not good at writing thank-you notes, that I suffer from a persistently bad case of Pathetiquette. That said, I am trying to do better. So. I want to thank you all for reading Friday's post wherein I aired some big, bad insecurities and confessed to a smidge of blogging angst. As always, your comments were astute and amazing. It is so good to know that you are out there, reading, nodding, smiling, and, in many cases, struggling alongside me. So good.

In the spirit of having fun with this blogging business, I am going to sign off and enjoy the last day of my vacation. (Ha. Vacation and Kids are mutually exclusive. Trust me.) I am in South Carolina with family, soaking up the dregs of this long weekend away. So instead of posting something earth-shatteringly profound today, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you. I plan to spend my spare moments today (hilarious) visiting all of your blogs, so keep the comments and conversation coming!

In case you missed the point of this non-post and the picture above wasn't an adequate visual cue, I will boil it down for you: Thank you.


Are you good at saying thank you? Do you agree that kids and vacation are mutually exclusive? Have blog comments and the support of others in this virtureal world gotten you through certain existentially soggy moments? Do you think you blog in part to receive such support?

***The lucky winner of Elizabeth Gilbert's COMMITTED is... Christine!***

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