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Home & Happy

girls getaway The past few days have been stuffed with love and laughter. And fun. Turns out we Donnelley girls (yes, that includes Mom!) have not forgotten how to have a good time.

But now. I am here. Home. The place where I belong. In the orbit of two little girls. My little girls. I missed them so much it hurt. And it is good to be with them.

I know I should stop apologizing - for my limits, for my longings, for my life - but this is who I am. And so I am sorry. That this post comes late in the day. That these words are wispy and lack true metaphorical heft. I have been traveling and I am tired. I am home and I am happy.

Now. I must go and snuggle two little creatures on our big couch. We will wait - just us girls - for Daddy to come home.

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