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heart apple Did this title hook you in? Fabulous. That was the intention.

But it's not my title. So I can't take credit. This is the title of Marie Forleo's bestselling book. The subtitle for said book? How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!

Committed or no (Marie assures me that the title of her book is a bit of a Trojan Horse that belies the deeper, more universal substance of its pages) how can you not be the least bit curious about the contents of this book? I am. Check out the first paragraph of Marie's Preface: "What if I told you, that in about an hour, I could share information with you that could make you happier, healthier and more attractive in a matter of minutes?"

Um. I'd be listening. We'd all be.

And we will be! For it is time for Happier Hour Part Deux! Many of you know that a month ago I kicked off my quasi-salon-series Happier Hours and that I hosted the incomparable Gretchen Rubin who spoke and sparked conversations on the topic of Happiness. We all know that I suffered a sublime Happiness Hangover after that exquisite evening and found myself debating the Dollhouse Hypothesis of well-being. The gist was that the first gathering for wine, women, and words was a ringing success.

Next Wednesday (4/21/10), I will welcome the incomparable "multi-passioned" entrepreneur and author Marie Forleo. Marie's resume might make you cry. She is a best-selling author, speaker, online-entrepreneur, Nike Athlete and Master Trainer, fitness personality, and dancer/choreographer. Marie's Rich, Happy & Hot™ brand is "dedicated to empowering women with tools to create financial, spiritual and emotional wealth through entrepreneurship."

On top of all of this, Marie is a philanthropist, fiancee, and mother. (Nauseous yet?) Marie has appeared in The New York Times, Shape Magazine, on The Rachael Ray Show, ABC’s 20/20, CNN.com, Forbes.com, HSN and has done numerous interviews on radio and TV.

I could go on. But won't. You get the picture. And it's very pretty.

I am thrilled to have encountered Marie (thank you, Kate!) and am eagerly anticipating next Wednesday when Marie will grace a wild pack of curious and conscious women with her wisdom and words. Marie will speak on the topic of Presence, on how we can all do a better job of residing in the present moment, and as I am terrible at doing this, I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Between now and then, I will do my homework and think about what I want to ask Marie. Some questions I know I want to ask: Ultimately, how effective are self-help books and programs? Has she seen remarkable changes in people who have followed her ideas? Can things like happiness, irresistibility, and presence truly be taught - and learned?

Admittedly, these are tough challenges. But I have zero doubt that Marie will have some insightful answers for me. And all of us.


  • How do you feel about Self-Help books and programs?
  • Do you think we can study precepts on how to improve ourselves and truly improve ourselves?
  • Do you think that happiness, presence, and irresistibility can be taught - and learned - or do you think these ever-elusive qualities are innate or acquired through life experience?
  • Do you have any questions you would like me to ask Marie next week?

**Because this Happier Hour will not take place in my cozy home, we can be a bit more flexible with respect to numbers. If you are reading this now and you are in the Big Apple vicinity and are interested in joining Marie and me for Happier Hour Part Deux next Wednesday (4/21), please email me at ivyleagueinsecurities@gmail.com, introduce yourself, state your interest in attending, and I will send along pertinent event details!**

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