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fairy tale Tuesday, the day my book was published, was the most perfect day. Straight from a fairy tale.

I woke up very early, popped out of bed, eager to get to my computer. I sat down and was amazed at how effortlessly the words streamed from me. I sipped coffee as I read over my morning essay, nodding, This is good. People will love it. And then I hit publish. And as I did, Husband came up from behind me, enveloping me in a hug. He bent over and whispered something in my ear: Go back to bed. You deserve it.

And so. Like a good girl, I listened. I climbed back into bed. Dozed off as sun came through the window and tickled my cheeks. Moments later, I heard a faint knock on the door. I opened my eyes and watched as Husband walked in holding a ten-foot rendering of my book cover. He brought it over to my side of the bed and I studied it and smiled. And then. Out popped two tiny girls, one from each side. They wore matching red and white pajamas and each clutched a bunch of balloons - again red and white - to match my book cover. We love you, Mommy! they crooned in unison. And then they added, You are smart and beautiful.

This made me smile. As if that wasn't enough, Husband pulled the giant book cover away and the girls looked at each other with mischievous grins and then broke out into a break dance choreographed by their Daddy. We've got a feeling today is going to be a good day! They sang to the tune of the Fugees/Black Eyed Peas song I happen to adore. And when they were finished, the girls climbed into bed with me. Husband brought me a mimosa and cut fruit.

But there was a day to have! So I showered, coiffed, and donned my book day outfit - part sexy, part studious. The girls pranced around me, each clutching a copy of my book. When the time was right, I ducked down and said in my syrupy mommy voice: Who wants to go to the bookstore? A chorus of Yes. Husband got them dressed instantly in sweet little outfits and matching bows. And we were off.

As soon as we walked into the bookstore, the staff recognized me and approached. Welcome, they said. And then we followed as they lead me to the vast bookshelf on which dozens of my book were conspicuously displayed. They asked if I would sign a few and I said sure. My signing was only interrupted by sweet kisses from my girls and calls from my publicist telling me that several magazines and morning shows wanted me. I was amazed, but kept my cool.

After a few more magical trips to local bookstores, we deposited our little angels with Nanny. And then we went to lunch. There were so many courses and so much champagne. As I sipped and soaked it all up, I spotted a few celebrities. They winked at me. And then my younger and very fashionable sister took me on a shopping spree for my book look. I tried on so many beautiful things and it was so hard to choose because everything fit perfectly and looked fabulous. But choose I did.

And then I checked my phone for the first time in so many hours and received so many messages saying that friends and family had all been able to find and purchase my book. That, miraculously, there were no issues at all. And one friend said that my book was displayed in the window of a nearby bookstore. And this made me smile because I do like windows. And so, I walked, clutching my new perfect outfit in the blaring May sunshine. And as I crossed the street, I could see it. The repeating image of my book. Surrounding a large photo of me. I got closer. And as I did, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned.

There were about a dozen tourists. Smiling at me. A young man asked if I would sign his guidebook. And I said sure. Then he asked if I would pose for a picture with them in front of my book's display. I obliged. Smiled my author smile. And then I walked to the corner. Put my hand up. A cab stopped immediately. The driver was handsome. He popped his head out the window. Where are you headed, he asked?

For very great things, I said sheepishly and slid into the backseat. And off we drove into the blinding brightness of a fine future.

(On the off chance that you didn't get that this post is a big, bad (and hilarious) joke, it is. There are glimmers of truth in it, but only glimmers. And tiny ones. Tuesday was absolutely amazing for so many reasons, but there was nothing fairy tale-esque about it. Come back tomorrow for my real story of book day.)


  • Do you ever tell yourself stories about how things might have happened and then realize you'd prefer imperfect reality to "perfect" fiction any day?
  • Do you believe in fairy tales or do you believe this is the splendid stuff of childhood naivete?
  • Do you think fairy tales and reality are compatible?

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