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Life After Yes Is a TARGET Breakout Book!

breakout book I am thrilled to announce that Life After Yes has been selected by Target as a Breakout Book! What does this mean? It means that after a review by a panel of company employees, the mega store has decided to promote my rookie novel by prominently displaying it throughout its stores nationwide.


Last year, The New York Times ran an article about Target and its burgeoning power in the book world. In that piece, Mitoko Rich explained,

In publishing circles Target has long been known as a place that can move many copies of discounted best sellers, as do other mass-merchant retailers like Wal-Mart and Costco. But in the last few years, much in the way it has cultivated its image as a counterintuitive purveyor of Isaac Mizrahi clothes or Michael Graves tea kettles, Target has been building itself into a tastemaker for books.

Through its book club, as well as a program it calls Bookmarked Breakout, both started in 2005, the company has highlighted largely unknown writers, helping their books find their way into shopping carts filled with paper towels, cereal and shampoo.

As a city girl through and through, I admit that my exposure to the magic of Target has been sadly limited. I will say though that all my friends rave about Target and more than a few of them say that they practically live there. I will also say that on those occasions when I have had the opportunity to wander the aisles of Target, I have been genuinely amazed by the quantity and quality of merchandise offered.

Here's the deal. I plan to visit as many Target locations as I can over the next month or so, but I would be pumped if you guys could send me pictures of LAY on display at your local Target. So, stroll, snap and send. (Pretty please.)

Thank you, Target, for this exciting honor and opportunity!


  • Do you "live at Target" like so many of my friends do?
  • Do you like being able to go to one store to buy a variety of goods?
  • Do you think that Target and other mega stores will continue to play an increasingly important role in the publishing world?

**Join me tonight at 7pm as I join Book Club Girl on air to discuss Life After Yes. The call-in number is (347) 945-6149. For more details, please click here.**

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