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Racing Bicycle Isolated On White

Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

I am not very good at stopping.

My days are stuffed with chaos. Profound chaos that emerges from a brilliant mixture of choice and chance and children. Persistent chaos that defies my clumsy attempts at boxing it. And this chaos, this chaos that has come to reign, it keeps me on my toes, keeps me acting and reacting, thinking and saying. Night time offers no solace. There is chaos there too; a choppy storm of images and insights. Each morning, I awaken with shards of more chaos to carry with me.

My days are full of flux. Activity. Motion. There are creatures crying and singing and laughing and running. There are emails dancing. There are things to do, mouths to feed, goals to envision, words to write, hands to hold, memories to tend, fears to accommodate, hopes to fluff. There is Time, that beast that has no choice but to tick and travel, marching on with us and past us. There is no pause button. There is no status quo. There is evolution with is soft core and hard edges. There is change, good and bad and indifferent.

Life moves and morphs. We cannot ask it to stop. It does its own thing. And so. We must move with it, spinning those wheels, our wheels, looking ahead and around, speeding and slowing, the world's wind whispering sweet nothings and sweet everythings into our tiny ears, toward destinations unknown. To keep our balance, we must keep moving. Always moving.

I am not very good at stopping. Which is good, I guess. Because I am in the business of living.


Do you believe that to keep our balance in life we must keep moving? That if we stop fully to study the landscape of existence, to question things, to discern order, we will fall?

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