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Where I've Been (Part One: The Woods)

WIB 1 My post-vacation mind is soft. The sharp edges and critical corners are missing for now. Instead, there is a sweet swirl of images.

Images of where I've been.

wib 2

Images of North Pond. Of big fish and big love. Of life and legacy. Of family and freedom and fireflies.

wib 3

Of trees, tall and watchful. Of tangled branches and treasured time.

wib 4

Of nature, hovering and haunting and humbling.

wib 5

Of umbrellas of pine and the past.

wib 6

Of still water and still minds. Of stunning shadows and impossible beauty.

wib 7

Of dangling limbs and naked twigs. Of the leaves, lush and loyal, that stay and cling.

wib 8

Of shape and imperfect symmetry and undeniable prowess. Of the blank page of endless sky.

wib 9

Of green in all its glory. And slivers of red, white and blue too.

wib 11

Of ancient moose heads and weathered cabin walls and deep June laughter.

wib 13

Of small creatures in a big world.

wib 14

Of the brilliant blur of time passing. Of childhood color.

wib 15

Of exquisite exploration and divine discovery. Of trodden grass and simple sticks.

wib 18

Of unshaven cheeks and swollen love and the awareness that alights after a little time spent in the woods.

Where have you been in the past couple weeks? Home or away? Here or elsewhere? What images are floating through your mind today? Does time spent in nature clear your head and soften the sides of your mind?

Where I've Been (Part Two: The Farm)