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BlogHer 2010!

blogher 2010 This will be short because I have a big day ahead of me. Two, in fact. As so many of you know, this is the big BlogHer weekend! Lucky for me, this year's blogging conference takes place in my backyard. Last night, I made my way to the Hilton where scores of fellow bloggers are staying for the weekend. I met up with a handful of cyber buds and we made a cameo at the People's Party. I spent the majority of the evening with two wonderful women: Lindsey of A Design So Vast and Denise of Musings de Mommy. The conversations and salads were nothing short of delicious. And today. Today, I look forward to meeting so many more of the women I have gotten to know virtually over the past sixteen months. I can already tell this weekend will be a good one. Stuffed with the stories and smiles behind the screens.


Tough Love or Too Much?

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