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after 5 So. Yesterday, I opened up. I told you that I have been plagued by the blogging blahs. It felt good to be honest. Turns out I am not the only one who is feeling a bit sluggish in these here cyberwoods. After posting, I did something strange. I called and made an appointment for a haircut. I didn't exactly need one; I got my hair cut just a couple of months ago. But I needed one. A cut.

A change.

I know. So so cliched. Existential rut = bring on the scissors. Fine. Truth be told, I have been contemplating a coiffure change-up for a while. I came close to going for it a year ago and then I saw a silly Katherine Heigl movie that said only long hair is attractive and got cold feet. I kid not. I'm impressionable like that. Anyway, yesterday, I felt particularly brazen. I arrived at the salon and even though I was scared, I said to my miracle man, "Let's chop it."

And so he did. After he cut it, my biggest fear was looking down. The very idea of seeing a hardwood floor blanketed in foot-long strands of my discarded hair traumatized me. But, finally, I did it. I peered down there. And, thankfully, my hair had already been swept away. I looked up, and into the mirror, at my new 'do and smiled. A priceless lesson there: Focus on what you have and what you've chosen. Not on what you've lost or let go.

before 1

Before. Before, my hair was long, sexy, unruly, straggly. I loved it, but 96% of the time it looked like a mess.

before 2

Before. I often twirled my hair into a messy bun. A practical, go-to mommy move.

before 3

Before. Every now and then, on a special occasion (like on the night of my very first book reading above!), I would get my hair done and I loved it then. But life? It's not a string of special occasions. It's a necklace of days, busy days, where hair is what it is, hanging on for the ride.

after 1

After. My hair is simpler, sweeter, sleeker. More precise. I feel good. I feel new.

after 3

After. I feel a little bit of mojo return. Magic. I am happy, light, free. Here, I am surprised because Baby, my sweet 22-month-old darling, just did her very first pee on the potty! Score! See? Amazing things happen when you take risks. Change is contagious.

after 4

After. A smug, almost-smile. Does this look like a girl with a happy secret? I think so. Stay tuned...


  • Is there anything more self-centered than taking pictures of oneself with one's phone and then posting said pictures to one's blog? (Answer: No. Not really.)
  • Like my new look? :)
  • Have you ever gotten a drastic cut? Was it an amazing or terrible experience?
  • Do you think a change in physical appearance can trigger a mental/emotional shift?
  • Have you ever heard of a haircut prompting a foray into potty training?