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harvest 3

“The true harvest of my life is intangible - a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched”

Henry David Thoreau

This weekend, Husband and I took the girls to the farm. To the Fall Harvest Festival at Green Chimneys, a place dear to me about which I have written before. The girls had an absolute ball. They took a ride on a pony. The bounced in a castle. They ate ice cream. They had their little hands painted. They talked to animals. And romped in leaves.

I glimpsed a few things on Saturday. Profound things.

That each of my girls is her own person. Each does her own thing. Harvest 1

Toddler is a paradoxical mix of strength and sensitivity. She is curious and creative. Eager to wander and explore and discover. She is protective and proud of her little sister.

Harvest 2

Baby is a little wild one. Absolutely fearless. Eager to be a big girl like her sister. Her hero.

But I also saw something else. Something I have known for a while now. But the evidence was there. Everywhere. Unmissable. Strewn about the crisp leaves. Under the bright October sun.

That something else?

harvest 3

That my girls are the very best of friends. Given the choice, they are side-by-side, holding hands, marching on.

harvest 4

I agree with Thoreau. The true harvest of my life is intangible. But every now and then I see it and feel it. And strongly, too. Every now and then life's grays slide from the scene, and the color slaps me. Saturday was one of those times. I hung back, hand on my belly, feeling flutters from within, watching. Silently celebrating. Realizing that the true harvest of my life, my good and complicated life, is that I am part of things exquisitely bigger than myself.

A day. A season. A world. A life.

But most importantly: a family.


  • Do you agree that life's true harvest is intangible?
  • Have there been moments when you have been slapped with awareness of what matters?
  • Were you close with your siblings growing up? Do you think independence and deep dependence can co-exist within one creature? (I do.)
  • Are your children best friends?
  • Does it humble you to realize that you are part of things that are much bigger than you are?
  • Is fall your favorite season too?

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