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space or time

Last weekend, Husband and I were in Napa for a wedding. And I hope to devote an entire post to that wedding because it was absolutely lovely and I have a few good stories to tell. But today. Today, I will tell you about our drive from the hotel to the airport on the way back.

There were five of us in the rental car: Husband and me, two of Husband's friends, and one of their wives. We had a fun conversation during our two hour ride, a conversation that ranged from the downright silly to the borderline profound. (It was my kind of conversation!) Anyway, one of Husband's friends (let's call him Pepsi) asked the following question:

Would you rather be able to travel across time or space?

I was intrigued. Pepsi explained our choices a bit more. Traveling across time means that we can go forward and back in time, but must stay fixed in space. (For instance, I could visit the year 1901 or 2400, but it would be New York City in 1901 and 2400, respectively. Traveling across space means that we can go anywhere in space, but we must stay fixed in time. I could, say, visit Egypt now but not Egypt fifty years ago.

Got it?

So, armed with this interesting question, we made our way to the San Fran Airport. We debated this question. Promptly, I decided that I would prefer to have the power of space travel. That it would be pretty cool to avoid traffic and airline travel and just hop around this world of ours. Maybe, I'd even make a cameo on the moon. And then I'd be back by lunch!

Anyway, this is random. I know that. But there is something interesting here too. About preferences. About personality. About imagination. I was sufficiently taken by Pepsi's hypothetical, so I thought you guys might be too...

So, what will it be? Space or Time?

(Thanks, Pepsi.)


  • Would you prefer to transcend limits of space or time? Why?
  • What does our answer to this question say about us, about what we value?
  • Do questions like this one irritate you or intrigue you?

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