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trick & treat

{Halloween 2010; On our way to trick-or-treat on my childhood block}

The trick is to remember when you were a kid. When the day was so big and so sweet.

The trick is to let go of Should. To let it be a candy day. It is just one day.

The trick is to sneak mini Snickers when they are not looking.

The trick is to let them run and find the goodies and find themselves.

The treat is to realize that they are yours. On this goofy and glorious day. On every day.

The treat is to realize your creatures have the confidence to become a green monster and a yellow robot and a bizarre DJ.

The treat is to see the man you love in all orange. Wearing a diaper bag, clutching a pumpkin, leading the way.

The treat is to go back and do it all again.


Happy Halloween! How did you spend the day? Did you love this holiday as a child? Do you still love it? What were the tricks of your day? The treats? Anyone else have plans to steal collected candy from little ones? :) Bonus points for the first person who can name the costumes above!

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