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From the front, not so scary. Just that telltale roundness on either side.

The hand, properly placed, provides better perspective. There is indeed a baby in there.

From the side? Wow. Apologies if this startles you. Truth be told, it startles me. Because that is a big belly. I think this is why people say it: You are all belly! Because that is all they see when they look at me. My belly.

What does this enormous bump mean? It means one thing: Soon.

And this? This is not a Rorschach ink blot. No. There is no room for interpretation here. This is me in a dramatic, leggy pose. Swollen with life. A portrait of curves. One day, one day soon, I will look back at this in disbelief.

One day, one day far into the future, I will show her. I will say it, You were in there, my girl. And she will giggle, I'm sure. Because it's kind of silly. And very much surreal.

This post? It's for you guys. But it's also for me. Because as modest as I am, as insecure as I am about my evolving form, I want some record. Of what I look like now. Of who I am now. Right now.

And a confession? This is not exactly right now. I snapped these pictures a week or two ago. That's right, I reckon I'm even a bit bigger now.



Now is the time where you tell me (even if it's not true) that I look good, amazing even. That I am, in fact, all belly! Or you can avoid discussion of how I look and tell me something else. Did you chronicle your changing body during pregnancy? Did you sport a big belly? Does this post make you scared to get pregnant one day? Does it make you nostalgic for pregnancy? (And, no, I am not having twins and if you ask me if I am sure, I will promptly delete your comment :))

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