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Confessions. Cars. Coolness.

Confession: I don't drive.

I don't even have a driver's license. Yup, that's right. I have 3.2 decades under that proverbial belt. I have a marriage and a mortgage, but I have never driven a car. I could blame this on the Manhattan thing. And I always have. I grew up in a city where there is no need to drive! But it's getting a bit pathetic. I'm beginning to wonder. Why don't I get my act together and get that little rectangle of plastic? What am I afraid of? What am I trying to prove? Is this some sort of bizarre effort to cling to my youth? Is this a big badge of old school laziness? I haven't the faintest.

But here's the thing, why I am suddenly so pensive about my identity as a non-driver: We are in the market for a car. Our very first car. There is indeed some truth to the Manhattan thing. To this point, we have had little reason to own a car. Parking is astronomically expensive. Public transportation is easy. Fine. But now that an outrageous number of our friends are moving to the 'burbs (traitors) and we will be shuttling three small kiddos, we figure it is time.

But. We are clueless. I am totally clueless and Husband is slightly more clued in. We are looking to buy a car that is big enough for our brood. A car that will easily accommodate three, yes, three car seats. A car that will not destroy our environment. I know. Tall order.

We have been looking at both hybrid SUVs and minivans. Yes, I said it. The M word. We are contemplating taking the plunge into utter uncoolness. I don't really care about what it looks like, or means, to own a minivan. Maybe it is because I am a deep soul, truly above obsessing with appearances. Or maybe I just feel like I don't deserve to have an opinion because I will not drive the thing.

Anyway, this is where I turn to you guys. I know that you are all far more fluent in car-talk than we city-folk are. I know many of you have families to ferry. I know there are opinions, and compelling ones, that you'd like to share. What kind of car would you recommend for our soon-to-be family of five?

(And if you are not interested in chatting about cars, feel free to interpret why I have never in my entire life driven a car. In your analysis of me, please be gentle!)


Any car recommendations? Any insight into my inability (and lack of desire) to drive? Do you know any other adults who do not drive? Do you care how cool the car you drive is?

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