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Dear You,

Any day now.

Any day now, some scenario will play out. My water will break or I will feel the stab of a no-nonsense contraction. And I will know. You are coming. Almost here. And here, this world we live in, this home that holds us, is a good and warm and silly space. I think - no, know - you will love it.

But for now you are inside me, a big bundle if the predictions are right. I will show you the picture above one day and I will tell you - as much as I can remember - what it was like to carry you, to feel you dance within, to anticipate unique and ineffable love. I will point out your cheeks, delectably chubby even at 35 weeks gestation. I will trace the curl of your little lip. Your slumbering eyes. I will say it: That was you. That is you.

For now though, we wait. For the time to come. For the moment to arrive. For you to decide. I am excited and scared and busting with joy. I am a mixture of profound impatience and the most exquisite surrender. This is not up to me.

I want you to know something. It is something I will tell you again and again. Probably too much. That something? I love you.

Already. Impossibly. Always.

Any day now.




Are you a patient person? How do you deal with the waiting game? If you have children, how have you handled the final days/weeks of your pregnancy/pregnancies?

Be Silly. Very Silly.

Not Rich Enough