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Stop. Step back. Squint. Look at the landscape of your life. Do you like what you see? Do you love what you have?

Too often, we get mired in the micro. In the drudgery and dust of our days. In the exhaustion and the exasperation that glosses existence. It is all too rare that we look at the bigger picture, the wider world.

Each of us has one life. One life full of people and things, passions and places. One life.

I realize something. Something good. That something? I love my life. Its contours. Its contents. Husband. My girls. My Mom. My sisters. My family. My friends. My readers. My city. My home. My head. My writing. My words. My doors. My dreams.

Sometimes, the minutiae are maddening and the details debilitating. Sometimes, I am bogged in doubts, awash in insecurity, unsure of my way. But the big strokes? They are grand and gorgeous. And I love them. It. This life.

And so. I vow to do it. To walk away from the anxieties. To stand back from the blahs. To squint. To study. To see. The life, imperfect but exquisite, that I have come to. The life, imperfect but exquisite, that I have created.

This. This life. This life I love.


Do you love your life? Do you think we too often get caught up in the details of our days and forget to consider our lives as wholes? Are you living the life you had once hoped for? What would your ideal life look like?

Getting Ready. Getting Real.

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