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The sugar consumption around here is at a record high. Our cupboards are stocked with jelly beans and chocolate. What's the occasion? Potty training. That's right. Baby is doing it. With the wee one due in seven weeks (gulp), I figured let's give it a shot. And so. I broke out that pink plastic potty of latter day and ripped off the diaper and hoped for the best. We started this effort two weeks ago and now? Baby has gone days without an accident. She prances around naked and plants herself on that little seat when it is time. And when she does something, she pops up and makes an announcement. I did it! she exclaims.

And after our dump-and-flush ritual, we head to the candy cabinet. And I let her choose. And Toddler? She gets some too because she has been the most amazing and supportive potty trainer I've ever seen. Truth be told, I give her most of the credit for this quick and easy transition. So? The gist is that there is a whole lotta candy being consumed around here. Fine.

But last week, I was nervous. Because I took the kids to the dentist for the very first time. I have heard so many stories from friends whose kids had a bunch of cavities that they didn't know about. And given that sugar is a food group in this neck of the woods, I was concerned. But the dentist? He said both girls have beautiful and healthy chompers. He said to keep doing exactly what I am doing. Little does he know.

Before leaving the office, I confessed to him that Baby still uses a pacifier at night. He told me to try to get rid of it in the next six months or so. What about now? I thought and then said, feeling ambitious. And he asked if I would like for him to help. Yes. He turned to my little girl and said something. You are a big girl now and big girls don't use poppies (her word). What I need you to do is put all of your poppies in a bag and send them to me and then I will send you a bag of toys! Baby smiled.

At home, I put Baby down for her afternoon nap. Without a poppy. She has not looked back. She is so proud.

I go on the potty. And no more poppies. I a werry good big gull!

Yes, my babe. You are. A very good big girl.

And so it's been a big couple weeks around here. Days laced with evolution and transition. Days filled with potty and poppy pride. Days filled with big love and tiny loss. Days filled with change.

And there is a bag on the kitchen counter. And Baby has decided that instead of sending it away to the teeth man with toys, she will give it to her little sister when she arrives.

Parenthood is tricky business. A world full of doubt and worry and responsibility. But there are moments, days, and even weeks that are plain sweet.

These are the sugar times.


Are there moments in your life as a parent when you are overwhelmed with pride and love? Are there times when things just click, when your kids surprise you, when the waters are smooth? Any potty or pacifier tips or stories? Are you proud of my tiny girl?

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