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"We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey."

Kenji Miyazawa

We have all experienced pain in the past. We all continue to experience pain today. We will all experience pain in the future.

These three sentences? They are not meant to depress you. Or me. They are meant to be simple strings of truth, relics of reality. Pain is a part, a big part, of the human game.

So what do we do with the pain we do feel? Do we deny it, ushering it away into the locked closets of our lives? Or do we embrace it, quietly perhaps, sift through its sands, learn from its gritty grays?

Years ago, I would have gone with Option One. Denial. Make Believe. But now? I am all about the big, bad embrace. The honest and harrowing dance in the dark.

Pain as power? Fear as fuel?



Do you agree that it is important to embrace pain, to burn it as fuel for existence?

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