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Last night. Circa 8pm. A dark room. Two little girls tucked messily under orange quilts. Heads burrowing into purple pillows. The sound of rain pouring from a small machine made of white plastic. Two parents, exhausted and happy, bending over, planting kisses. On cheeks. On foreheads. Eyebrows. Lips. Ears.

The bigger girl says something, her sweet voice swirling up. Guess what I am going to dream about tonight?

What's that? The mother asks.

A strawberry with wheels!

The littler girl follows suit. Two can play at this game. Guess what I'm going to dweam about tonight?


Elephants! she croons.

Smiles, big and little, all around. Unseen in the darkness. But felt.

More kisses. Quiet goodbyes. The rain keeps rumbling.

A night winding down. Pillows growing warm. Tiny feet kicking under pumpkin covers.

Dreams incubating. A day rolling over.

Lives happening. Love expanding. Always expanding.


Do you allow yourself to dream like you did when you were a kid? How often do you remember your dreams? If you could decide ahead of time what you'd dream about, what would it be?

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