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Once upon a time, there were three Rowley girls. A mother and two little ones. Then, one day in the month of March in the year of 2011, another Rowley girl arrived. And when she did, with her in the world, the view changed.

Of course it did.

And so. These two little girls, the originals, were suddenly big sisters. Big sisters together. A team. And they had an idea. A brilliant one. They would do an art project. Not just any old art project though. They would decorate birthday hats. They would go all out with magic markers and stickers and glitter glue. And when they were finished, and their hats were dry, they popped them atop their heads. They pulled on their tutus - over their matching heart PJs - and they danced around. They celebrated.

And she? The littlest Rowley girl? The birthday babe? She was witness to it all, snug somewhere between utter oblivion and complete awareness, flitting between wakefulness and slumber, bright eyes and big yawns. She? The littlest Rowley girl? A lucky thing. To be here. To be welcomed, and wrapped up, so wonderfully.

And the biggest Rowley girl? That little yawn says it all. The mother is tired. But she is so happy. She has been a bit more serious in her recent musings. She knows this. But, really, that's just because she find grays to be more interesting than rainbows and that's what she tends to write about given the choice.

But today? On this Friday, two and a half weeks after a very big day in their lives, the mother, the biggest Rowley girl, is intent on recording the rainbows. For she is surrounded by little girls, glorious little girls. And they are hers. And she is theirs. Together, they wade through another morning, all of them still in pajamas, all of them snug in this good moment, somewhere between utter oblivion and complete awareness, bright eyes and big yawns.

Today. Today this biggest Rowley girl, this mother, is thankful, impossibly thankful, for this, for her real life.

Today. Today this biggest Rowley girl, this mother, is thankful, impossibly thankful, to be among them, to be one of the Rowley girls.


As a person or a parent, are you more interested in exploring the grays or the rainbows of life? Do you think it is important that we do both? Are you ever just bowled over by the majesty of the everyday? Do you ever just look around - at the clutter, at the chaos, at the creatures in your midst - and realize how profoundly lucky you are?

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