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Put A Ring On It

The royal wedding. It's tomorrow. And, yes, I will probably tune in for a bit. I'm not entirely immune to all the hype and hoopla. I don't exactly understand why the world seems so utterly obsessed with Will and Kate's nuptials though. Are we hard-wired or socially conditioned to be intrigued by regal sparkle? Are we interested because this is the playing out of a real life fairy tale? I'm not so sure.

Truth be told, it amazes me that so many people are counting down and collecting souvenirs like Will/Kate toilet seats and Will/Kate standard-sized fridges. I even saw that there are royal wedding-themed condoms on the market. They are called "Crown Jewels."

No comment.

So. I fall into the category of people who is neither obsessed nor disinterested in this historical happening. I will watch a bit, lap up some of the luscious imagery, and then get on with my life. That's the plan at least.

One thing that I am a bit more interested in is a debate that has sprung up around this union. Per the media, Prince William does not plan to wear a wedding ring.

Is it acceptable if a man chooses not to wear a wedding ring? I'm not sure what I think about this. Dad, a loving and loyal husband and father, never wore a ring. I never quite asked him why. Husband does wear a ring and I love that he does. I like seeing that strip of platinum on his hand. It reminds me of our big day six-plus years ago, the commitment we have made - and continue to make - to each other.

I haven't told many people this, but Husband did lose his ring once. I was quite pregnant with Baby, and more than a bit hormonal, and my man lost his wedding ring while body-surfing with friends in the ocean and, well, I was not happy. Truth be told, I ripped into him and told him that losing the ring was indeed an ominous sign, symbolic of storms ahead. He said sorry. Over and over. We went shopping in downtown Charleston. He found a replacement ring. I got over it.

Recently, Sister N also lost her wedding band. She, too, lost it to the ocean waters while snorkeling. The fact that she was able to promptly hire a metal-detector-man to scour the seas and shore where she lost her diamond ring leads me to believe this happens a fair bit. I wonder how many rings there are hiding in the waters of our world?

And so. On the eve of the royal wedding, I am thinking about rings. What really do they mean? Do they really matter? Is it problematic if a man (or a woman) refuses to wear a ring or is it just a matter of personality and preference?


Will you watch the wedding tomorrow? Why do think so many people are obsessed with this event? What do you make of the fact that William does not plan to wear a wedding ring? How important do you think it is that married people wear rings? Why or why not?

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