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I can't remember what day it was because the days are all blending together at this point, but on whatever day it was, I took a walk. Because I needed to. Because something in me felt stuck and stifled and I needed to feel air. I didn't have much time because the baby needed to eat soon, but I headed out. And it was a nice day. I walked along my street, footsteps along a familiar line. In my state, everything felt new. I looked around at the people, the determined and oblivious people. At the cars, speeding and slowing through bright and changing lights. And I looked up at the trees.

The branches were bare and exquisitely twisted. I stared up. And through the tangle, I saw it. A bright sun. It blasted me, little old me, with blinding light. And awareness. That even through the most impossible thicket - of life, of loss, of love - sun will shine.

This for me is a tangled and tricky and treasured time. A stint with out straightness and sleep. A precious - and precarious - phase without leaves and answers.

But there is sun. There is shine. There is spring.

And there is that bright light, brazen and beautiful, slipping through the branches of my days.


Are you able to see the sun even in your most tangled times? Do you appreciate the twisted branches of tricky times or do you long for order and understanding? Do you ever just need to get out and walk?

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