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Two Things. Two Years. Two Words.

“ Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.”

Immanuel Kant

I am not quite sharp enough these days (or, let's be honest, ever) to fully understand Kant, but I do love these words and the ideas they seem to convey. The idea of being awed by something, something brilliant and inscrutable, that looms above, and beyond reach. The idea of being awed by something, something brilliant and inscrutable, that looms within, and beyond reach.

The starry sky. The moral law. The infinite love. The rich confusion. The tangled conversation. The echoing question. The elusive answer.

The good life.

Two more things that awe me? The past two years. Years in which I have loved and hurt and opened and asked. Years in which I have come here, over and over, and told stories of self.

Yesterday? It was April 10th. And it wasn't just any old April 10th or any old Sunday.

It was my two year blog anniversary.

This place that has added so much to my life has been in existence for two whole years. And though I am technically taking a little time, I had to come here, to my safe place, my place of self, to honor this milestone. Because, yes, it's a milestone and I'm happy and honored and humbled. I'm proud and optimistic.

And, yes, awed.

Years. They are things, too. Wonderful things. Things that collect in the corners of our complicated lives. Things to note and to celebrate.

Two years. So hard to believe. So amazing to say.

Two words. Two important and deserved words, words I must utter to all of you. For being here. For being you. For encouraging me to be here. For encouraging me to be Me.

For reading my words.

Thank you.


In life, what awes you most? Is two years long or short when it comes to living? To blogging? Do you miss me? :)

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