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This past weekend, Husband was away in Buffalo for his cousin's wedding. After much deliberation and ultimate deference to overwhelming instinct, I opted to stay home with my girls.

I'm so glad I did.

To say that this past weekend was an important one is both hyperbole and a bit of an understatement. Hyperbole because in so many ways it was just like every weekend - jammed with laughter and tears, toys and stories, tantrums and triumphs, early mornings and quiet nights. An understatement, too, because it was a time during which I paused and reflected on much - my life now, my needs, my desires, my successes, my failures - and felt the humble hum of existential evolution.

I learned, and realized, many things - about myself, about my family, about my life - over the past several days. Too many things to enumerate in one blog post - or even a handful. So I will not try. I will not try to boil it all down - the experience, the epiphanies, the elusive but gripping understanding that has only recently tickled my skin. Instead, I will spend time going forward talking about bits and pieces - some mundane, some magical, all meaningful - from the weekend and these days. And I will post pictures because I have taken so many. Of my beautiful babes, of the scenery I too often overlook, of the things that made me stop and think.

Of the moments.

Because that's what life is, really is, right? A tapestry, a thicket, of moments.


Have you had days or periods of time in your life when you realized many things at once? Do you find material for your writing and thinking in your own life?

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