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A while back, I wrote a post called Name My Baby (Part Deux). In it, I debated what blog names to give my girls now that there are three of them and now that Toddler is no longer a Toddler and Baby is no longer a Baby. Wow, did you guys come forth with suggestions and compelling ones... And now that our tiniest creature is eight weeks (so hard to believe) and I am back to my regular blogging (yay!), it's high time to make a decision.

Until last week, I was sure that I was going to go with... drum roll please... Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister. I know these names aren't super exciting or original, but they are simple and logical and non-confusing. I know some of you expressed concern with the prospect of being labeled big but I am not that worried about it. I like the word big. (Big is not just about physicality. Don't we all want to lead big lives full of big love?) Also, I like these names because they contain the word sister. So much of my own identity is wrapped up in being a sister. So much of my blogging is about my girls and their relationship to one another as sisters. I am very interested and intrigued by sisterhood.

So. I was pretty convinced that was it. But then Toddler sat down with her little sister and her crayons and paper and drew the amazing chicks above. I looked at those chicks and it hit me. These girls are my little chicks, my sweet and fuzzy darlings. It occurred to me that maybe I should call my girls Big Chick, Middle Chick, and Little Chick. I told Husband about this idea and he smiled and then told me to think about it. About the connotations of the word chick. I do not adore all the associations that came to mind, but my girls are indeed my little chicks.

And so. I am torn.

What shall it be - Sisters or Chicks?

(Or neither? Husband just pointed out that referring to the girls as sisters might be confusing because readers might think I am talking about my sisters and not my daughters. Ugh. I still kind of love the idea of sticking with Toddler and Baby and adding Newborn to the mix... Ah, more confused than ever and off to read through your ideas again. Help. Pretty please.)


Do you think there is something wrong with calling my little girls 'chicks' on this blog? How important do you think it is that blog aliases are very easy to understand? Would you be upset if your mother called you "Big Sister" on her blog? Any clue why this is proving to be such a difficult decision for me?

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