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A Fresh Start for Husband

I have much to fill you in on. Little Girl is three months old today. My high school reunion turned out to be a lovely affair. I am continuing to have mini-but-magical epiphanies about my life. And I will tell you about all of these things, these good things, but today I must write about something else.

Husband starts his new job today.

I remember the evening well. It was several months ago. I was wildly pregnant and the big girls were asleep. Husband and I sat at our dining table. We ate Indian takeout. My man was a bit quiet that night and I asked him what was wrong. He told me he didn't feel good - physically or existentially. What followed was an amazing, if tough, conversation about change. Husband confessed a desire to change things up. He was getting antsy at this job, he was missing his former athletic self, his sense of vigor and energy for life that having young kids inevitably zaps. It was a wonderful exchange because it was so open, and vulnerable, and real. It was also heartening because I could relate to everything he said; the sense of feeling exhausted and a bit uninspired. The desire to evolve.

Since then, Husband has found a great job at an incomparable company. This incomparable company was good enough to let my man take five weeks off before starting so that he could spend time with our little girls. In the past five weeks, the girls and I have been spoiled having Daddy around. There have been many adventures and home-cooked meals and laughs. It saddens me to know we won't likely have this untethered time again - when we are all here and free and not bogged down. But it makes me happy that we've had this opportunity to immerse ourselves in true family time.

So today he begins a new chapter and I'm hugely optimistic. There is a twinkle in his eye that is undeniable. He also looks fantastic after dropping fifteen pounds on a (very manly!) nutritional cleanse. This part will no doubt embarrass him, but oh well. He looks hot! Yesterday, I sent my chiseled guy off for a massage. A little, but well-deserved back-to-work present. The three girls and I held down the fort at home, wearing pajamas, watching cartoons, nibbling on white chocolate chip pancakes Daddy whipped up before he left.

So? The point is that I am proud. I am proud that my man has taken charge of his own life, his own happiness, and has changed things. I have always believed in fresh starts and I believe deeply in this one. There is always room in life for progress.

Good luck today, babe! The girls and I eagerly await your return home this evening :)


Do you believe in personal and professional fresh starts? Have you had moments when you've admitted to yourself that you need to figure out a way to feel better (literally and metaphorically) about life? Do you think it is superficial that I am psyched that Husband looks extra hot these days? Have you ever been inspired by your own partner?

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