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Name My Friend's Baby Boy!

On June 25, 2009, almost exactly two years ago, I wrote a letter to my four best law school girlfriends. In that letter, I celebrated the fact that among us, we had welcomed six baby girls. No boys, just girls. And guess what? In the last two years, we have popped out five more girls! Now, that makes eleven little girls among the five of us big girls. And zero boys. There is something remarkable - and bizarre - about this statistic, no?

Anyway. One of these friends - let's call her J - is expecting her second child in October. A few weeks ago, she had that big ultrasound and learned something quite shocking - to her and to her hubby and to all of us - she is expecting a boy! The streak was bound to be broken at some point, right?

The other week, J and I were catching up - about my circus of a life with three kiddos, about her adorable toddler and her pregnancy, and the topic quickly turned to baby names. Now many of you know I am a wee bit obsessed with names in general and baby names in particular, so this was fun for me. Together, J and I brainstormed what she should name her little guy. Because I am 99% sure I'm done having children (wah), I was quick to toss out my favorite boy names. J rattled off some possible names. And then she asked me if I would be willing to whip up a blog post and let all of you help name her baby.

Of course! I know you guys like the name game. After all, the all-time most popular post on this blog is Name My Baby. And even though I didn't end up selecting a name for Little Girl from among your fabulous suggestions, I found your feedback very inspiring and Husband and I ended up deciding on a name a mere five days later!

So, here's the deal. Her beautiful little girl is named Sloane. I will not reveal their last name because I don't want to compromise their privacy, but it is something along the lines of Johnson. So we need to find a good (neither super-popular nor super-obscure) name for Sloane's little bro. A name that sounds good with Johnson.

Are you up to this challenge? Hope so! And so does J! :)

Okay. Ready. Set. Name my friend's baby boy!

(Pretty please.)

I know I have been terrible about reading and commenting on your blogs and am thus entirely undeserving of your comments here, but please take a moment and suggest some names for my friend's baby boy! Depending on the response, I might leave this post up for a few days to ensure a good number of name ideas.


Do you enjoy brainstorming baby names as much as I do? Do you think it is trickier to name a second child since the second name must "fit" with the first? Do you think sibling names should go well together? Do more of your friends have girls or boys?

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