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Under Our Feet. Over Our Heads.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

Henry David Thoreau

One day these feet will walk. Down stairs and city sidewalks. Maybe, hopefully, down an aisle.

One day these feet will run. In playgrounds. In open fields. Maybe, hopefully, after little ones.

One day these feet will dance. With big sisters at bath time. Maybe, hopefully, with Daddy - and another good man - on a wedding night.

One day these feet will be big. I will no longer stuff them into tiny doll-sized shoes and then stare at them as they dangle on my lap.

One day. Not yet though. Thankfully, not yet.


Do you have a soft spot for baby feet and baby shoes? Do you ever ponder all the things you and your loved ones will do in the future? Do you think it's okay that I want for my kids what I have and celebrate for myself (a husband, kids, an active life)?

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