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For the next two weeks, Nanny is on vacation. That's fourteen days. Or 363 hours. Or 20160 minutes without help with the twinkling trio. Not that I'm counting.

Clearly I'm counting. And being dramatic. I will of course have the help of my dear Husband when he's not working. We will be in Cape Cod for a long weekend over the Fourth of July with extended family and will have a ton of support. But. There will be several stretches of time in the near future when I will be flying solo with the girls. 'Tis true.

I'm psyched. I know it will be a juggling act. I know I will be a stroller chauffeur between camp and home. I know the chaos will be legendary, but there is an important part of me that craves this challenge, and believes that I will - despite my trepidations - triumph.

I'm scared. I know that so many of you have very little assistance with your children and are graceful do-it-all-ers... But - for better or worse - I am not among this breed. Nanny has been with us since Big Girl was three months. I've gotten used to, and come to celebrate, good help. And maybe this makes me weak or spoiled or sensible - or maybe some combination of the three - but the next bit of time will be a departure from the norm for me and I'm nervous that I won't hack it. That I'll be outnumbered and overwhelmed. That I'll get my mommy booty kicked by my beauties. (I will.)

Anyway. I'm here asking you to wish me luck. And I'm not sure what my blogging will look like over the next two weeks given all this. Initially, I thought this would be a good chunk of time to press pause and focus on family, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that you guys might be able to support me - and keep me sane - during this time.

Okay, I must run and grab that shower before the craziness commences :)


Are you good at managing your life on your own or do you tend to rely on help? Do you think it makes me spoiled or sensible that I am so dependent on domestic support? Do you think that people are hesitant to admit that they depend upon, and need, help with their kids? Any tips on how to successfully survive the next bit of time with my bitty ones? Do you agree that blogs - and virtureal friends - offer us the friendship and support we sometimes might not get in our "real lives"?

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