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Are Less Attractive People Nicer?

So. I had no plans to post today. I am trying to indulge in a mini-break from blogging. Also, I am racing to get out the door to attend Big Girl's bowling field trip for camp. (Yay by the way. I adore bowling!) Anyway. I was zooming around my bathroom, getting dressed, listening to the radio as I often do in the morning and I heard the following question which of course piqued my interest:

Are less attractive people nicer?

The conversation was about how "hot people" often have "bitch faces," (their words, not mine!); that beautiful people often seem miserable and unfriendly. One argued that "hot people" are approached or bothered more frequently (they were discussing this in the context of the gym) so they try to keep people away my wearing some kind of scowl. Conversely, these radio show hosts (on z100 for those in the area) posited that "less attractive" people are nicer on some level because they can afford to be, or because they need to "work harder" for attention and interaction.


Anyway. I'm not sure what I think about all of this, but it struck me as quite the provocative, if superficial, topic so I thought I'd share. And let's be clear: I DO NOT endorse the theory that "less attractive" people are "nicer." Personally, I know some absolutely and objectively exquisite people who are endlessly kind to everyone and I also know some really unattractive people who are completely terrible and obnoxious. And? I'm not sure what "less attractive" really means or what it means ultimately to be "nice"?

Anyway. Thought this was kind of interesting. So while I bowl with four-year-olds, I hope you will all weigh in. And sorry for the lack of a picture up top. As I said, I'm racing...

In your experience, are less attractive people nicer? Do you think there is any correlation between physical attractiveness and personality? Do you also love bowling (and controversial topics)?

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