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We are beach bound, friends. Off to Husband's aunt and uncle's wonderful place in Cape Cod. It will be a bit of a trek with the trio and their endless paraphernalia and the many miles, but we will make it there. And when we do, we will scatter hugs and sport sunny smiles. We will hop in the pool and head to the beach. We will eat yummy food and take yummy naps. We will run barefoot in green grass and soft sand. We will don red, white and blue for a charming parade. We will soak it all up, and in, the familiarity, the otherness, the firsts. I will hold tiny hands and also stand back and watch. Three little girls on a stretch of shore, variations on a compelling theme, playing with a handsome, broad-shouldered man. Behind my obnoxious big city shades, my eyes will perhaps well up at the image of the creatures I love alive on the edge of an ocean so wide. I will enjoy this, this moment of celebratory awareness, and then I will scoop them up, the little ones. I will torture them with triumphant tickles. And lap up those infectious giggles.

It will be a good few days. This much I know.


How do you plan to spend the holiday weekend?


Waiting for Daddy